24 Years PRSC: There are no products of the past.

1st March 2021 - Ladies & Gentlemen,

The fact that PRSC (www.prscenterprises.com) is actively importing Food, Beverage & Spirits into the City of Beijing / Shanghai, still alive and still on this earth, although it has been challenging and rough, sometimes there has been this discouragement to keep trading, we always had a plan and to overcome any possibly obstacle, as of now there has not been even a single barrier we could not break.

Trading food and beverages, which have been mainly:

Spirits & Wines
Soft-Drinks / Juices
Snacks / Candies
et cetera, et cetera

have not been always an easy battle to fight at, especially in this industry.
There are a lot of players, competitors, which has not only been a rainbow-parade, PRSC always knew that going through this wild-wild-east, step by step, will always have got us through this battle.

Usually, being grateful of having to defend a relatively small market-share, creating new brands / starting new product launches and to keep being inspired has mainly been the key to success in the past 24 years of having a strong presence in the City of Beijing.

As long as there has been the Beijing Office (1997), which has been an extremely vital and important city of trade, there has been encouragement and hope in our hearts, which has lead us to expand with confidence, such as the Shanghai Office (2009) and our Dubai International Gateway (2012). No matter how many pandemics or trouble we have encountered, our Beijing operation was and will always be up and running.

There are and we are not a product of the past:

PRSC is and always will be a product of how do we navigate through this storm,

In the past decades, there have been a lot of challenges,

Mastering and being perfect will never get to any of us, it is rather an illusion,

Our story will be, sooner or later our funeral, but what we do know is that

We cannot, not any of us on this planet, can win the war against the world, if we cannot fight the war against your own mind,

Setting aggressive sales targets is one of those key points of success, however,

This is only made possible once the PRSC employee feels that the chemistry between work-flow and management is right,

Sales, Trades are not coming to get us and knock on our door,

It will simply wave from the outside and tell us in our dreams catch me, catch me if you can.

Block Out the Noise, there are naysayers:

Over the years, we did encounter not only obstacles in financing trading projects, but in the end we have been fighting our way trough and simply have built our own system to trade, generate cash-flow, in order to successfully trade across China Mainland,

But also there are loads of naysayers, those simply have to be blocked-out, those people are simply to be considered as noise, blocking such noise has only been the only option,

Imagine there are people out there, that dont even know you, telling you that you cannot do this / that, your abilities or mind is not strong enough to make it happen, but this is where I heard and told myself the opposite, when someone said you cannot do it, I told myself revenge is massive success and it went on and on and on again.

We are all and will accomplish our goal, every single step will convert our targets into reality, and our boat will reach the final destination.

Everyday of my life I cannot wait until to eat my breakfast and head to work, to make this whole company work, together we are a strong unit, without a team of soldiers we could have never been in the battle.

Together we are great, great teams & spirits:

The other day, I did recommend and I still do that every now and then,

I will put on my head-phones, closed the blinds, switch off the light, and play some classical music, the whole world will be blocked out, no one can bother or attack with any news that may came up, not even a global pandemic could have done that.

Some of my colleagues use a couple of minutes and did all the same, based on the feedback, most of the colleagues have felt much better and stronger to head back to work and to keep the spirit up.

I would like to take this as an opportunity to thank all our clients, investors, partners and suppliers to be on our boat and to get into the right direction, this is our boat and we will reach our targets if we pull together.

Dont let fear of failure of perfection hold you back, we all make mistakes, but I promise you this: we will never going to see whether the boat will sink, or whether it will swim, unless we all jump into the water.

Just to sum it up:

Although I have never been on the world before, where there have been times where I was simply unaware of many obstacles / drawbacks of life,

We all still learn, every single day, when walking through this wonderful journey,

Although now there is the worlds most dangerous times, we have never been here before, we will have to fight a couple depression.

Lets jump into the water and start paddling, we will be going through those times.

The best ship or captain, ship, aircraft, pilot would not reach their targets, if they are not know where they are going.

Everyday of our business running, we know and always knew where we are going, and we will trade food, beverages and spirits with leading products in the market.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

If there are any questions that may arise in the meantime, please feel so free to contact me directly at (8621) 6157 4954 or drop me an email to max (at) prscenterprises (dot) com.

Kind regards from the very city centre of Shanghai, The Peoples Republic of China,

Maximilian-Alexander Agostini

PRSC APAC Procurement Team a division of Peoples Republic Sourcing Channel Limited Corp..

Chief Executive Officer

Peoples Republic Sourcing Channel Limited (Shanghai, CN)
Peoples Republic Sourcing Channel Limited (Beijing, CN)
Peoples Republic Sourcing Channel Limited (Dubai, UAE)<