Amazon Coupon Codes Released for November 2014

Amazon has become one of the premier online shopping websites, offering such categories as books, music, videos, clothing, housewares, and more. The number one online retailer serves approximately 130 million customers each week and has annual revenues th

31, October 2014 - is a leading coupon website where Amazon coupon codes are shared on an ongoing basis. The website receives their promotions and deals directly from Amazon, ensuring the deals are current and valid.

Amazon coupons have been gaining in popularity as consumers wish to save more money. As the holiday season quickly approaches, consumers are looking to shop for dcor as well as for gifts. The coupon codes can be used during the checkout process in order to provide monetary discounts as well as free shipping on many transactions.

The site has recently gone through a lot of updates in order to handle the additional volume that will be coming through for the holidays, which includes Black Friday, the number one shopping holiday of the year. Now, people can anticipate finding deals faster on The promotions are ranked based upon most views, most votes, as well as the ones that are expiring the soonest.

Unlike other coupon sites, expired coupons are not visible. This is because the Amazon promo codes have been programmed with the expiration dates inside of them. They are removed automatically once they have expired as a way of preventing confusion. Consumers wont be able to click on a coupon that is expired and waste time during the checkout process. All of the coupons are valid and can drive a person directly to the site where the deal is being presented.

Amazon is being used by more consumers because of the wide range of products offered. The number of mobile buyers has increased and this demonstrates that more people are using smartphones and tablets in the buying process.

Coupon usage is up considerably. In 2014, coupons are 6 times more prevalent than they were in 2010 when the recession was affecting the economy with a greater impact. Additionally, adults with a household income of $100k are twice as likely to use coupons as a household income of $35k. Amazon promo codes allow people to save money and it is estimated that the savings will jump from $8.3 billion in annual savings in 2009 to $22.3 billion in 2014.

I can always count on for Amazon coupon codes. Their site is well organized and there are never expired coupons. They are my go-to site before I ever complete a transaction on Amazon or any other online retailer, comments Melly from New Orleans.

We work hard to keep organized. I work with a team of freelancers to make the site updates and ensure that coupons disappear as they should. Theres also a spot on each code where people can make comments and I respond to questions on a regular basis, explains Jesus Sanchez, the CEO and founder of the website. The goal is for this site to become the top couponing site by the end of 2015.

The Amazon coupons featured on feature a wide range of categories. For the month of November, many deals are centered on the upcoming holidays of Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas. The coupons are in the form of codes that are entered in a special box during the checkout process. The code is redeemable for a certain number of days and once expired, is no longer valid. The codes presented on the coupon website are extensive and can be used by anyone, assuming they are purchasing within the given category. Rules and restrictions apply with coupons and are listed on the site to avoid confusion for consumers.

About is updated on a regular basis and features top online retailers including Amazon, eBay and amongst others. The coupon codes feature expiration dates and descriptions with premium deals for consumers. It has been found that more people are using coupons to save money and this is being done online as well as in person. Mobile technology has also made it possible for people to save money while on the go.

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