Holiday hotel bookings commenced in for the Christmas & New Years Eve 2015

Hotels booking have started shooting up earlier this year as travelers presume there would be possible increase in prices during the last minute. Travoline received its first hotel booking for the Christmas 2014 and New Year 2015 in mid of October this ye

28/10/2014 - Chennai, India Travoline, one of leading hotel bookings portal, has announced that the hotel booking has surged earlier this year for the Christmas and New Year Eve 2015. The holiday season is ON in the USA and UK. Following few weeks from the Halloween would be the Christmas and New Year. Travelers and office goers have started setting up their travel plans for making up their holiday vacation. As a citation, Travoline has received it first booking for the month of December in the mid October and now the booking are on the rise.

In any travel portal, earlier the bookings are done; better the concessions may be availed. In simple, booking the hotels early is a great option especially for families, friends and larger groups going on a Christmas vacation. Being the year-end is a peak travel season, its expensive to travel when booked at last minute. Choosing the hotels, flights at the earliest can make the travel much more affordable.

As the holiday season is yet to begin, the Hotels rates are expected to possibly rise during the last minute. This has prompted budget travelers to book the hotels earlier. Apart from this, the other reason for earlier hotel reservations is due to the fear of non-availability of hotel rooms. Said Mrs. Nisha, Managing Director of This year we are expecting more number of bookings to the Europe and especially to the UK region. She added.

As per news sources, the top destinations to spend Christmas this year would be New York City, Santa Claus, Boston, Aspen, in the United States, Amsterdam in The Netherlands, Cologne in Germany, Santa Claus Village And Santa Park, Napapiiri In Lapland, Finland, Rome in Italy, Paris in France, London, Edinburgh, Leeds, York, Brighton, Manchester, New Castle in the United Kingdom.

The growing economy has led people for holidaying internationally breaking the low-cost barrier. However the budget travelers prefer to stay in hostel, but as a notable thing kids less than 12 years is not allowed in hostels, hence family vacationers prefer their stay in budget hotels and cheaper hotels having good quality services.

Travoline also mentioned in the release that it would soon focus region-by-region to cover the customers globally.

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