Right time to stock up on wholesale clothing with the season’s best prices

Online assortments feature top pieces trending this fall

- CALIFORNIA-Size of the US apparel market is close to a staggering $225bn comprising of a big portion of wholesale clothing trade and sales. Considering how big the market for wholesale clothing is, it is only natural to think that there are many suppliers.

While the number of suppliers is potentially high, quality of the apparel becomes a huge concern. The right price and quality match often end up being the deciding factor. OrangeShine through its latest collection of fall must haves hopes to bring to its retail customers prices and quality that are incomparable.

The website through its huge role in helping suppliers replenish their inventory with seasonal and trendy clothes is also a proud brand that hosts assortments featuring fashionable wholesale plus size clothing.

The market for plus size clothing is relatively new but, the demand for these clothes continues to grow. With a handful of good suppliers trying to keep up with the demand, this is an excellent time to tap into the real potential of this market. OrangeShine can help make the transition by supplying plus size wholesale clothing.

And, it is not just any clothing; it is clothing that is inspired by the latest trends and styles. The website has some of the best collections with apparel to suit and flatter plus size women. From colorful tops in trendy and casual silhouettes to bottoms that cater to any occasion and lifestyle, the website has a wide variety of wholesale clothing to choose from. Click http://www.orangeshine.com/wholesale-fashion-clothing/plus-size to browse the collection.

For retailers who dont want to spend a great portion of their resources searching for quality clothing at bargain prices, this is the best place to start.

The website also features handbags, accessories, collections of popular brands and so on at http://www.orangeshine.com

About OrangeShine:

OrangeShine offers its retail customers a seamless online shopping experience where style, price and quality go hand in hand to provide the most meaningful shopping experience. The website completes the supply chain by offering retailers access to great collections in wholesale clothing while using the same platform to help manufacturers reach a wider customer base.

Becoming a member is a breeze and once that is done there are many other perks that can be enjoyed here including the chance to avail free shipping and cash back offers. To start exploring wholesale plus size clothing as well as wholesale clothing, please visit http://www.orangeshine.com

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